A guide to carpet textures

A guide to carpet textures

Carpeting is a terrific choice for bedrooms, playrooms, and even cozy dens or living rooms. Still, it's vital to know all your options for texture because the right or wrong one impacts aesthetics, function, and longevity.

Loops, pile height, and the soft surface floor covering

There are two looped piles, and both are durable and suitable for any foot traffic level. The level-loop carpets have a tight overall texture, making them less soft without showing footprints or vacuum marks. It is ideal for high-traffic areas. Berbers styles have thicker yarns and a distinct color with a neutral background with brown or gray flecks and are suitable anywhere.

All about rug pile

When the loops are also cut into piles of various lengths, they become the essential pile, with short, even fibers and exposed ends.

Saxony is a cut pile with longer yarns. Saxony Straight (or Plush or Velvet) has fibers packed tightly and twisted to give a softer, more luxurious, and formal look. This rug, which will show footprints, is best for lower traffic rooms such as living rooms only for guests. Another version is Saxony Textured (or Trackless), where the fibers are twisted in different directions, giving it a more casual look without showing footprints or markings.

High pile rugs include the shag, recognized by long, loose fibers, which requires extra TLC, making it ideal for the low traffic bedroom. Frieze fibers are slightly shorter than shag and twisted so tightly they curl, giving it a more casual look that's ideal for family rooms. Low pile rugs are stylish, durable, and easier to clean with short, tightly woven yarns.

The cut and loop combine piles of different heights to create patterns and textured looks, such as fun pin dots, geometrics, or marbled sculpted looks. These rugs are suitable for any room.

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