What is the best material for my kitchen countertop?

With so many different options to choose from, the process of selecting the right material for your new kitchen countertops can be overwhelming.

The best practice when making this decision is to simply choose the material based on what looks best with your overall aesthetic vision and has all the functionality that your unique lifestyle demands. Here at Classic Floors & Countertops, we offer what is referred to in the industry as "the four main stones" – marble, quartz, onyx, and granite.

All four of these stones offer timeless beauty, as well as legendary durability, and are guaranteed to transform your kitchen into a luxurious gathering spot for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

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Marble is one of the most popular stones utilized during the construction of residential homes. Marble can be used for floors, sinks, countertops and much, much more. Known for its beautiful colors and very polished appearance, marble countertops are a fantastic addition to any kitchen.


Due to its exquisite aesthetics, onyx has become a quite popular choice for kitchen countertops over the years. Boasting mesmerizing patterns, stunning contrast and the very unique property of translucence, onyx is without a doubt one of most beautiful natural stones on Earth. When back-lit, your onyx countertops will literally glow, creating a truly magnificent and luxurious visual spectacle!

When purchasing onyx for your new kitchen countertops, it is essential that you select a top-grade stone of the highest quality. Classic Floors & Countertops is proud to offer only the highest grade of onyx countertops available.


Over the last few years quartz countertops have become extremely popular in homes across America. Quartz is a manmade stone that, due to the unique structural properties created by combining natural ground quartz and polymer resins, is virtually indestructible. Additionally, because it is manmade, quartz has none of the various flaws that can be found in natural stones. Although quartz is manmade, it can be engineered to resemble any number of natural stones and is available in a breathtaking myriad of colors and patterns, offering endless design possibilities.

At Classic Floors & Countertops, we source our quartz from some of the biggest and best vendors in the industry, and carry only the highest grade of quartz available. One of the industry leaders, that is an especially popular choice, is Dakota Quartz; proudly made in the United States and naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. A Dakota Quartz countertop is sure to be a truly stunning addition to your newly remodeled kitchen.


Granite is the most commonly used material for countertops. Naturally heat and scratch-resistant, granite is such a hard stone that cutting food on it won’t just leave your countertop completely unscathed, it will actually dull your knives! Granite’s extraordinary durability is self-evident. The ancient Egyptians used granite to construct their magnificent Pyramids at Giza; and they are still standing, in all their glory, nearly 5,000 years later. Couple that legendary strength with its stunning natural aesthetics, and it’s not hard to see why granite countertops are a mainstay in luxury homes around the world!