Why you should consider cork floors

You might think cork floors to be a new, eco-friendly floor covering, but the truth is, it’s been around for a long time. First used in the late 1800s, it is now making a name for itself in this era. Homeowners love the versatility found in the flooring line, as well as the beauty and additional benefits that make it so appealing.

If you've never experienced these floors before, you're in for a treat. They offer many reasons to be a featured part of your home’s décor, so it’s worth taking the time to learn a bit more. You might even find your perfect choice right here with cork flooring in Bonita Springs.

Cork flooring many benefits

One of the critical features of cork flooring comes compliments of the millions of air pockets found throughout the material. It makes it incredibly resilient, comfortable and is the perfect material to place underneath heavy household furniture. The dents caused by the heavy pieces spring back, leaving you with flooring that’s just as perfect as when it was installed.

If you’re particularly concerned with "green" or eco-friendly flooring materials, you're in the right place. Cork oak bark can be harvested without ever harming the tree, leaving it to grow again, for another harvest, up to several times before being exhausted. It’s also highly recyclable, so when you're finished with it as a floor covering, it doesn't have to contribute to your local landfill.

Among the many other benefits, you’ll find a stout resistance to insects, making an infestation nearly an impossibility. It also resists fire, up to remarkably high temperatures, and does not emit any harmful gasses if it does become engulfed in flames. It’s also warmer to the touch and wonderfully comfortable to walk, stand, or play on, making it perfect floor covering to choose if you have children in the home. For even more great information about these floor coverings, feel free to visit us to speak further with one of our flooring specialists.

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